Issues with latest Wix Studio Form Builder

I’m reporting some known issues here that I feel should be prioritised for the Wix Studio form builder.

Having recently decided to rebuild a half completed Editor X site in Wix Studio, I stumbled across some responsiveness issues that has prevented me from building the same subscrber form that I had on my Editor X site.

  1. I couldn’t find a way to adjust the size of the field text, input text etc across multiple breakpoints. The cascading system wasn’t working. Upon investigation with Wix support we found that for some reason you must adjust the size of the text starting from smallest (mobile) breakpoint first and work your way upwards. Even this solution wasn’t 100% as I found that the tablet breakpoint would default to the desktop breakpoint size.

Either way I feel this should be looked at and have the same cascading rules applied as other elements do to avoid confusion.

  1. You currently cannot alter the position of the success message (message that displays when submit button is clicked). It will only display underneath the button. This can also cause the button to move position slightly when the success message is displayed, resulting in missallignment with other fields etc.

  2. Currently the success message text font size cannot be adjusted across multiple breakpoints.

I should also note that I wasn’t attempting to build a complex form. This was a subscriber signup form with an email field and join button.

I do see the benefits of the new form builder but these issues really need addressing because they will make our forms stick out like a sore thumb.

I hope this feedback helps!


I have found similar issues with the text sizing, however, the “Design” tab in the editor provided a bit of release.

I do agree that the success message is a bit lacklustre. It could do with the option to display the success as a new page with the option to re-submit (for different form types)

There also appears to be a slight issue with forms that have pages. and embedded into the page

If you have a page in the middle of the form that is longer than the others. You of course have to scroll to hit the next button.

Once you hit the next button, the form will swap the page, but if the shorter page is then shown, it leaves the viewport down the main page, you then have to scroll back up to find the form again. This is not inductive to form filling, and could really do with the following:

When the “Next” button is pressed
Scroll to the top of the form