On completion of a client website

Hi, please can anyone give me any advice on the best way to manage the completion of a client’s website?

Is the best practice to:-

  1. Ask the client to open a Wix account, then transfer the site to them (keeping yourself as an admin). Then get the client to purchase the Premium Plan.

  2. Keep the ‘new’ website in your Wix account and pay the Premium Plan yourself, then charge the client annually (or monthly)

How do other independent web designers manage the process?

PS I’m relatively new to Wix, live in the UK and would appreciate any help or guidance.


I usually keep the new website in my own account and pay the Premium plan myself, and then charge them monthly or annually. Once you get over 50 websites under you, you can then get revenue share and save money.

How busy are you with receiving new clients? I am actually looking for people to help me build them because I am starting to get an overflow and it is hard to keep up with getting the websites done.

If you need some extra work, I can pass over some projects to you when they come in. You would still get the credit in your account, because you would be a collaborator for the project.

Right now, I’m charging $500 for an E-commerce site or a site that requires payments for bookings. And $250 for a simple website that displays content and images.

What I was thinking to start if you are interested is for each web project that comes in, I would give you 60% of the cost of the project and I would get 40%. Then we can also start growing the business to do Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing which would have higher ticket prices than the website projects. If this sounds interesting to you, please tell me more about yourself and your experiences.

Thanks, Adam

Personally, I ask them get their own Wix account (unless they absolutely do not want to) .

When the site is done and they have completed payment, I will transfer the site, the premium plan, and the domain to them, I stay on as an admin or web designer (most keep me on as an admin though) .

You still get your points for transferred sites that you are connected to or had part in designing (maybe just double check in the points area on the partner dashboard before and after transferring) .

I tend to upgrade them in my own account, have them make a Wix account for themselves, then transfer the completed site to them. This way you can get all the domain connections/transfers done easily, and without their participation (except for email verifications). Many clients don’t want to do the upgrade themselves because they are unfamiliar with the dashboard. I also make sure I download and email their invoices to them for their records.

However, Wix has upgraded a few things where you can keep it in your own account, and easily bill the client yearly. I prefer not to do this, so not sure on all the details… just remember being notified about it. If you have someone that wants monthly/yearly upkeep on a site, this might be the way to go.

If you have any more questions, just give me a holler :slight_smile:


Hello Adam I would be interested in doing so you can ping me with your email I will share my experience n work there.