Making a contact as a member - unwanted email.

I’ve discussed this issue before, but want to get an idea if this will be resolved or not.

I hope that in my effort that this gets some attention and this problem can be escalated.

My client wants to build up a membership base, using her current contacts information and is not happy with the test results when I have tested the ‘making a contact as a member’ feature in the members area. In order for me to retain her as a client, I’m making a sincere effort to rectify this problem I’m having or even find a workable solution.

The issue is when you make a contact as a member. There is no way to change the email that is sent and there is no way to disable the email that is sent to a contact when they are manually made a member.

The email that is sent is very unprofessional and only addresses the contact by their email address and tells them to create a password. There are no options to add any branding or customization. The contact would not know why they have received this email and would open up the possibility of reporting it as spam.

This was a new feature that WIX added a few months ago, “making contacts as site members”.

To make it even more confusing. I can customize and activate send welcome emails to new site members. When this is turned on, the contact that is made as a site member receives both emails. The custom one and the generic one that I can not disable.

Here are the steps to recreate and review what I’m discussing.

From the dashboard Contacts /site members Under more actions, select contacts as site members.
The list of contacts displays, you select ones you want to make a member. They become a member. The unwanted generic email is then sent to the contact. I can’t imagine why the email that is generated cannot be turned off or even may be available to customize. Any work arounds on this would be welcome.

Thank you.

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