Mobile landscape problem

Hi everyone,
I am new here, and need help if anyone knows how to :slight_smile:
I have finished my site, but when I see it in mobile landscape mode makes me want to cry.
So,if anybody knows the code for this , please help. And where to put the code in developer tools.
Thank you all, have a nice day and God bless

Can you please share what exactly you want to do in landscape mode?
In general, you can get window size info through wix-window: wix-window-frontend - Velo API Reference -

I would like that it looks normal, like in portrait mode. In landscape mode all text is too big, and quick bar is stretched trough half of the page,both vertical and horizontal. I hope you understand.

And ofcourse, i want it the same on all mobile devices

Please share a link to your website

Thank you

I see that the main issues are with the quick action bar and back to top button.
Unfortunately, this is not Wixcode related but a general wix issue. Please open a ticket with wix support.
I’m the meantime, I’d suggest considering removing the problematic elements.

Ok thank you so much. But if i remove this two elements, problem with too big text stays. But thank you for trying to help. God bless

Has this problem been fixed?

Landscape on mobile looks like crap, like the OP states, text is huge. WIX is interpreting landscape mode in a way that increases text and image size in order to maintain proportions to the screen size. How can this be prevented?

WIX is stretching text and images in mobile landscape mode… it should be doing increased fit width instead to compensate not stretch.

It looks like all of the Corivid forums (Including this very page on this forum) are all built using WIX. If you flip your phone to landscape while viewing this page you will see all text and images and any component stretched. This is pretty terrible.

Now go to any google search page, flip to landscape, and notice the difference. The text maintains the same pixel size, and images use more available space (not stretching, just utilize more pixels).

It’s 2021 and this issue is yet to be fixed. Wix, do something. Anything.

Please fix this asap. The mobile landscape view looks terrible!

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