New Premium plans for the Wix Editor - EU & Other

Hey everyone! :wave:

A couple of months ago, we began the rollout of new Premium plans for the Wix Editor.

This is a quick heads-up for you all that on September 12, 2023, we’ll be rolling out the plans to Partners and their clients in the EU and a few other countries.

You’ll receive an email if you’re included in this round but, in the meantime, here’s a recap of what’s new:

  • Our Premium plans have been restructured into 5 clearly segmented plans: Light, Core, Business, Business Elite and Enterprise.
  • A selection of marketing tools and features, previously under Ascend, are now included in all packages.
  • Business Elite, an entirely new plan we’ve created, gives clients needing custom web solutions a powerful offering designed to enhance the resources and computing power of any site.
  • For now, existing plans won’t be affected, as long as auto-renewal is turned on.

NOTE: The new plans apply only to sites built with the Wix Editor, and not those built on Editor X or Wix Studio.

To get up to speed and refresh on what the changes include, check out this Support article.

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so good to hear this!