Pricing Plan - Unable to Book Sessions

Hoping for a little help from the community as a non-coder.

As a personal trainer, I sell packages of personal training sessions (5 or 10) and have set up the plans accordingly. The scheduling widget is locked behind a login and a paywall (you can’t schedule with me unless you have signed up as a member to the site and paid for a plan).

However, on the test runs, I’ve been struggling to have the system show more than just the first plan. When I run through as a client from a different account, I can only schedule the initial appt, but cannot schedule any more sessions. They do not show up on my account, my orders, or anywhere else. I can only cancel or reschedule the inital appt. There also is no option that shows how many more sessions the clients have left.

Can anyone provide some answers on how I can:

  • Schedule more than one session at a time as a client
  • Provide a running tally of remaining sessions

Sure, like I said I’m not a coder, so if there’s information that would be helpful to provide please let me know. I don’t even know what to post on this chat that would be helpful.