Removing "Upgrade" and "Edit Site" button from the "Back Office Manager" account dashboard view

I think the Wix Code platform is wonderful. It is an amazing development.
Praise to the development team.
And I would like to move all my client’s site to Wix, but there is a absolute obstacle
in doing so.

Please remove, the “Upgrade” and “Edit Site” buttons from the dashboard, when accessing with “Back Office Manager” account, or any kind of limited role membership account.
(or make an option to not show them)
*Please see attached image

It looks very unprofessional, and not all clients are trusted good friends. lol.
They may choose to do it on their own when they see the Wix design templates.
And to my clients it will look like what can only be done using Wix Code ( and lot of custom coding ) is an easy task done by just answering dialogs and tinkering setting and properties.

I came to Wix because of Wix Code.
Wix Code opens up a whole new opportunity for developers and designers etc.
We developers, designers, programmers, coders etc can bring many new clients and
more larger corporation clients to Wix.

Currently It is too risky to bring my clients into the Wix dashboard even if they only have an limited role account like "Back Office Manager"role, as long as this “Upgrade"and “Edit site” button appears in there view.
(The “Edit site” button is grayed out but this is even more disturbing because it looks very " I’m restricted-ish” when seen from our clients)

I want them to have a strictly "back office role " screen (for tasks like just handling applicants on Wix Bookings, or making new posts on a blog ).

My clients entering Wix from the Wix front door (site) on their own and experiencing the free templates is one thing, but being able to see the templates from directly within there paid account dashboard is a totally different story.

A client going independent will always be only one account. My clients won’t bring new customers to Wix. In this case, we web developers and web designers are the ones who can bring more clients into Wix (Wix code).

I hope you can make these changes to make the site more optimized or fit for professional use.
I think your missing a big opportunity here.

My two cents.
​Thank you for reading. ​