Roundup: New and improved Wix Restaurants Orders app

This week we brought Custom Branding to the Studio Workspace, held our fourth Studio Hours session - Moving to the new Wix Studio Workspace, and rolled out Mouse Parallax Effects in Wix Studio, allowing you to add playful movement to websites.

Dive in and catch up on all that’s happened :point_down:

Meet Your Community

A huge shoutout to @Olam_Sites and Skania, our Atlanta Community Event Leaders, for a successful event this week - From Vision to Vanguard Series | Black Brilliance: Building Agency. From what I’ve seen, it looked incredible!

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Studio Hours

Earlier this week, we gave a warm welcome to all those who joined the Studio Workspace as we said farewell to the Partner Dashboard. To help with answering any Workspace questions, we held a special Studio Hours all about Moving to the new Wix Studio Workspace, which you can read a recap of here.

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  • CMS Experts, this topic is for you - How to sort CMS data into columns and filter multiple datasets.
  • Who knows their way around flexboxes? @Aidan_Jean-Marie needs your expertise here :slight_smile:

Resolved Topics
This solution by @russian-dima helped @Nieminen change the colour of a box in a repeater depending on a specific word. A great solution that I imagine has many practical applications.

If you find a solution to your question in the forum, be sure to click the check mark to make it easier for others to find solutions in the future :slight_smile:

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Wix Studio News

Updates to the new Forms on Wix Studio

We’ve been working to bring you features that you know and love, along with new improvements to make the form-building experience better. Here are some of the things that we recently added:

  • A top feature request: add payments and sell multiple items per transaction
  • You can now add date and time fields
  • You can customize forms using Velo: add default values to fields, connect to components like styled buttons, control CSS and more
  • When adding dropdown, single or multi-choice fields, choose Bulk Edit and copy/paste lists of options
  • You’ll see a notification if a new form is submitted while you have the submissions open
  • You can mark submissions as Spam or Trash when managing them from the Owner app or the Site Dashboard.

We know there are some gaps in what’s possible, and we would love to hear any additional requests you have.

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Updates to the new Forms on Wix Studio

Custom Branding on Wix Studio

Studio now supports custom branding, allowing you to seamlessly include your agency’s brand in email invitations, site dashboards, and free banners linking to your business site. Whether previously set up in the Partner Dashboard or not, you can now edit it in the Studio Workspace. :partying_face:

EditorX to Wix Studio

I’m excited to share that we are starting to gradually roll out updating Editor X sites to Wix Studio.

Although a little behind the initial timeline we planned - we’re putting all our efforts into making this update as seamless as possible for you.

We know you’re looking forward to it and we’ll continue gradually opening accounts while keeping you in the loop on the progress.

Stay tuned for more updates. We also have a dedicated channel on Discord for all your update questions. (If you haven’t joined our Discord server yet, you’ll need to join here first :slight_smile: )

News & Announcements

  • New and improved Wix Restaurants Orders app
    Empower your clients to manage and run their restaurant business more efficiently with our end-to-end online ordering app. The new Wix Restaurants Orders app includes exciting new features you’ve been asking for. Discover more here.
    New and improved Wix Restaurants Orders app

  • Update your Google Tag Manager account by March 6th
    If this applies to any of your sites, you will already have been notified. To comply with the new Digital Markets Act (DMA) policies regarding site visitor data, sites using Google Tag Manager will need to update their Google Tag Manager account by March 6th, 2024 using these instructions. Failure to update may result in data loss. Learn more about the DMA.

View all the latest new releases, betas and updates in the Wix Studio Workspace.

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