Slow loading speed affecting SEO

Hey guys, so I recently designed a website on Wix which you can check out at . It is not terribly slow but it is not that fast either. Due to which it is affecting the SEO of the website. I tracked the speed of the website on Wix Turbo as well as checked the SEO on, both are showing a difference in speeds and both are not optimal for good SEO. If we would get a tool to minify the scripts that can do it too or if we could get an AMP version of the website that would do as well. Type in your opinions… :grinning:

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I’m trying to get an official answer from Wix RE this, but I’m sure the community might want to jump in also. :slight_smile:

I’d love the community opinion. : )

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I was wondering the same. All my Wix sites rate ‘fair/poor’ for speed on mobile on My WordPresssotes score ‘good’. Is there anything I can do to improve mobile? I always take care to optimise things but seems to be about load time of scripts.

Any of those commercial site speed checkers are designed for one thing, to reel you in as a client. I wouldn’t pay much attention to them. The only one I would use is Google’s own one.

Wix’s Achilles Heel is their loading speed. Just by looking at your site speed, I’m guessing you loaded your site with animations and other moving parts. I recommend you strip some/all of those out and keep the site as simple as possible. You loading speed will improve, for certain.

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I usually remove the animations. Even the simplest pages get a low score. And of course I’m using a wide range of tools including the Google ones!

Have already removed all animations. Atleast from the home page

But the Google tools in my case too rate the site speed to be low

Hey @vibhas :slight_smile: I wanted to circle back to you after consulting with the product team. They encourage you to:

  • Reconsider an alternative to a lightbox on the home screen (as this triggers before any visitor interaction)

  • Reduce animation (which was recommended already in this thread)

  • Consider having 1 search bar component instead of 2

In terms of SEO, it looks like the title and description aren’t set properly. Also, some pages are empty (ie:

Hope this helps!

Hey @sheyla thanks for the your input. I’ll make the following changes

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You can check site speed on google test speed site, not on a commercial site, because those site like this are design for one thing.