The Ultimate #featuresRequest :p #wixEditor #EditorElements #Classic

I would be over the moon if someday WIX comes out with all the following …
Imagine people be like " Those?? Yea those are standards/basic in the wix editor" :slight_smile:

  1. Animations while hovering over menu and submenu items

  2. Gradients in strip (not having to create gradients images in pshop)

  3. The Shrinking Header
    Not having to rely on Corvid to show or hide stripe based on viewports

  4. Onclick interactions for the container boxes just like the current hover interactions

  5. Responsive mobile menu ( I think the mobile menu is not responsive at the moment. The mobile menu bar particularly)

  6. The ability to setup different menus containing different list of menu items

  7. Stretch to full width options for multi State box

  8. A better FAQ element or ap, preferably with some subtle animations.

Thanks for reading partners… Have a great day!

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Forgot one … 9. Ability to divide a state of a multi state box into Columns. Yes Columns, just love them in Strips.

Hi @dee4charlotte

Whoa - thanks for all of this great feedback! I’ll make sure to pass it on to the Wix Editor team.

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Hi @dee4charlotte - why columns?
Because of it responsive behavior?
having columns in Multi state box will limit it to be full-width or 980px width.
That will limit your designs and flexibility of using this element for creative things.

I would like to hear your thoughts about this trade off.

I have given some of the same feedback myself. I think the most important on this list is 6. If I am understanding that request right, you basically want Sub submenus to create a dropdown menu within a dropdown menu. This is very basic functionality that is needed on alot of websites and from what I have heard and the updates they have been making to the menu system, it seems like we are on the path to getting that.

#3 is another big one in my opinion. The Corvid workaround is sloppy and doesnt provide a smooth way to have the menu shrink and grow. Thats actually part of the problem with the current FAQ app. The animation for opening a question is extremely harsh and forces content down the page rather than smoothly sliding in and gently pushing content down.

Hmn, i didn’t consider that part. Maybe an option to use it in both ways. Like a horizontal line for instance. It can be resized to our own liking or stretch to full width, rite? I am pretty sure this would be difficult to implement on ms box, but would be great. Thanks !