Users I have assigned roles to don't get notifications

I have assigned colleagues roles (like Store Manager, Payments Manager) and they can view/modify store items, etc. However, when someone makes a purchase in the store they do not get a notification. If I go to Dashboard, Settings → Communications → Notifications → Dashboard, I see there are ones for Invoice is Paid and Customer Makes a purchase (which are enabled for me, the site Admin). However, when my colleagues go to the Notifications page all of the notifications are greyed out so they cannot enable any notifications even though I have granted them the appropriate roles. I also checked the Account Settings and there is no place to enable notifications

So, how do my colleagues enable notifications???

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In the meantime, for anyone looking for a solution to this problem there is a work-around. In the Wix dashboard create a new Automation for the Trigger: When Customer makes a purchase. For the Action: Send email to one or more email addresses, separated by a comma. There are some trigger options for when the emails are actually sent.

Here is the Wix support document on Automations