When will Wix Studio be released?

We have a wix.com site but it does not work on the custom break points like with editorx. I’ve spent the last few weeks learning editorx only to find that it will likely be phased out in favour of wix studio, but after looking into wix studio it only has a wait list. When will wix studio be released and is it worth waiting or should I build my website in editor x?

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Wix Studio vs Editor X

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There are not a lot of difference between Editor X and Wix Studio also your Editor X website will be merged to Wix Studio when it’s released so you can keep building with Editor X.

Hey @user27 :slightly_smiling_face:

Wix Studio will be accessible to registered users who sign up for a Wix account. We’re gradually rolling out access in phases and since the platform was created specifically for agencies and freelancers we’re prioritizing these categories first.

Eventually, we will enable seamless migration and your design will be unaffected.
Until then, you can continue to create with Wix Studio and Editor X.

Wix Studio was developed specifically for busy agency life. It offers a smoother, more efficient way to build high-end websites. AI, out-of-the-box tools, presets and reusable templates allow you to build with speed, while Custom CSS offers total precision and customization. You can integrate with all of our native business solutions & add custom functionality using APIs, SPIs or bring your own custom components. The Studio workspace allows you to manage your business in a more streamlined way including a dedicated app, so you can manage your agency, from any device.

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