Wix Bookings: Client cancellation Bug - one which could cost $$$$$$ !

I am hoping wix product team will change this soon…but I sadly realized that if a client cancels a booking within the allowed time-frame (as per the settings you setup):

  1. Clients do not receive a confirmation of this cancellation by email (unlike what is suppose to happen) but they have no history of that booking in the member area
  2. Owner is not notified of cancellation anywhere in the dashboard on wix.com
  3. if you check on the Client profile in the activity log, you will have no history of cancellation
  4. You’re client will not receive an automatic refund on the method they paid with and you will need to manually refund each client
  5. the only way to have a status of cancellations and proceed with manual refund is to pull a custom report which looks at every booking and cancellations…tidious

This is clearly not common practice for any type of business selling services online with a CC to not provide an automatic refund to customers who cancelled within the stipulated T&C’s…but not even knowing your clients cancelled is at the limit of fraudulent practice.

This change happened sometime in the past 8/9 months with no prior notification by WIX.
So I am guessing we might have millions of bookings cancelled by consumers across the globe without the business owner knowing that they probably need to refund clients for services they cancelled in due time (ie according to booking policy).

@contact99310 I’ve been a big fan of Wix for a while so I feel you guys should do something about this SOON or brace for some pretty disastrous downfall.
@sarig-reichert , @kobym , @orly-gonen-wix , apologies for tagging you but after spending 2 hours on the phone with 3 CSR I feel I might as well escalate directly. Happy to discuss this in PM if you’d like.


Hi, so just to understand, are you using velo api to cancel the booking or are you referring to cancellations done through the product (e.g. Members area)

Hi Koby, to clarify it’s cancellation done by clients through the product (member area). I still can’t believe that this is not out of the box and working.