Wix Studio Crash and delay are worse than ever. I can't even select an element

When I opened Wix Studio Editor today, it’s delaying too much and can’t design (when I select element, the whole browser tab FPS is drop and sometimes, my PC crash with BSOD “memory management error”. I’ve tried with other devices, but the result is same. Honestly, even the Games run better than Wix Studio Editor. I know about Wix’s traditional errors but this time, it is very bad!

I’m guessing you’ve completed the normal troubleshooting steps already - but for those who might be passing through the topic in the future, I’ll add the troubleshooting steps here.

If this is still happening, I recommend reporting here for the team to investigate further :slight_smile:

I found the problem, it’s causing with custom CSS properties. Backdrop-filter (blur) is causing both Wix Studio editor and Live Site downgrade performance and there are some glitch lines when I use blur filter for background containers!