Wix Studio Editor

I’m sure you might be thinking, “Really, another editor?”, but trust me when I say it’s like all you’re dreams are coming true.

The Wix Studio editor, is a fully responsive, collaborative editor, which, in my opinion, is the perfect crossover, between the advance features of EditorX and the simplicity of drag and drop on the Classic Editor.

What’s more, it makes building sites at scale more efficient, and includes features I know we’ve all been waiting for:

  • Interactions - Entrance, Click, Hover, Scroll and Loop interactions (that sprinkle on the top that brings a site to life)
  • Templates - making it easier to reuse layouts and designs that you love
  • CSS editing - add unique styles and animations with CSS access.

Here’s some questions that I’m sure you’ll all have:

  1. What’s happening with the other editors (Classic and EditorX)?
    The Classic editor is remaining. You’ll still be able to create sites built on the classic editor and benefit from various parts of workspaces

    You can still build EditorX sites at the moment. While you learn and explore Wix Studio, you’ll still be able to build using EditorX. Although, everything you know and love from EditorX is available in Wix Studio. Nothing is being removed.

    Wix Studio has another layer of tools to make building sites easier.

  2. Can I transfer sites to Wix Studio?
    At the moment, you cannot migrate sites to Wix Studio.

  3. Why should I use Wix Studio?
    Besides all the awesome tools Wix Studio brings, I believe it answers a lot of the things Partners have been wanting for a long time.

    You can now build fully responsive sites, very similarly to how you would on the Classic editor. Simply drag and drop components on to the editor and watch as everything scales proportionately.

Not only do you get responsiveness out of the box without needing to know responsive units, or the exact layouting tools need, you also get an editor that more than one person can be in at a time. So, no worrying about a client opening the editor while you’re working. It also means you and your team can work on a site together, at the same time!

There’s lots more features and reasons I could talk about, but we’d be here for hours :wink:

To make the process of learning the Wix Studio editor a whole lot easier (and trust me, it’s not going to take weeks to learn), there’s a wide range of different things we’re providing to help you get to grips with it.

  • Wix Studio Community forum - use this forum to ask questions, get answers and support each other in learning Wix Studio
  • Wix Studio Academy - the hub for learning about all things Wix Studio, whether that’s through webinars, in person training or the Wix Studio Essentials course

Let’s learn this together!

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