Community Weekly Roundup - Edition 4

Who needs a calendar when you have the Community Weekly Roundup to remind you it’s the end of a week?

It’s Friday, which means I’m back with the latest and greatest happenings from the week.

This week has been pretty chill, but we’ve gathered up everything you need to know in one place! :muscle: We’re talking about those things we all love to see.

So, without further ado, let’s jump straight in.

Highlights (TL;DR)

  • Goodbye and hello! - We wrap up a fantastic 2 weeks of in-person training in Sydney and Tel Aviv, continue training in Bangalore, and welcome Tokyo, New York, Miami, and LA to the fun this week.
  • Keep your role as Co-Owner - With this highly-requested feature, you now have the access you need to better manage sites.
  • Wix Editor Premium plans - The new Wix Editor plans continue to roll out with a few more locations receiving notifications they’re be getting access on September 20, 2023

From the Community

You’ve all been on FIRE this week! :fire: I think I’ve seen a post from someone at least once a day saying they’ve reached Wix Legend in the Partner program.

This is no easy achievement, and you’ve all worked incredibly hard to get to where you are. Keep up the good work.

This one’s for you:

Wix Studio News

In-person training - Hello Tokyo, New York, Miami and LA!

This week we say goodbye to everyone we met in Syndey and Tel Aviv.

The algorithms have been in my favor as over the last couple of weeks, my social media feeds have been filled with photos, videos and posts all about these events. The teams and people who have been flying around the world haven’t stopped talking about everyone they’ve met and the conversations they’ve had. You’ve been true inspirations.

I’m so incredibly proud of the community. It’s fantastic you’ve had the opportunity to gather and learn together. My hope is, that the connections and relationships you’ve made or strengthened will continue empowering you to meet and learn from one another.

Now, it’s time to say a huge “HELLO!” to all our creators in Tokyo, New York, Miami, and LA!

If you’ve attended, or are attending any of the sessions, head on over to the Wix Studio Discord server to connect with others in those areas. It’s time to start or keep those conversations and connections going :muscle:

In other news

Keep your role as Co-Owner when transferring a site

You now have the option of keeping your role as Co-Owner when transferring a Premium site to another Wix account.

This applies to sites built on Studio, Editor X, and the Wix Editor. On the transfer screen, select the relevant checkbox to complete this action.

Note: After the transfer is complete, the new site owner can remove you as a Co-Owner.

Read all the details here.

Wix Editor Premium plans rollout

But Noah, you let us know about the Wix Editor Premium plans rollout last week!

That’s right. But this week we’ve sent Partners in a few more locations an email informing them the new Wix Editor plans will be available for them on September 20, 2023.

If you’re included in that group, you’ll have received an email.

Tip of the week

Did you know that the Studio forum has features to make finding answers to questions a whole lot easier?

Not only do we have advanced filter and search capabilities, we also intelligently offer suggested topics and conversations throughout the forum.

For example, when creating a new topic, you might receive suggestions of other topics that are similar to the one you’re writing:

Forum suggested topics gif

I was chatting to a few people this week who mentioned this has been a timesaver for them, with answers right at their fingertips, rather than waiting for new responses from the community.

Up Next Week

As has been for the last few weeks, webinars and in-person events are continuing, and are the perfect opportunity to get to grips with Wix Studio alongside everyone else.

And now, drumroll, please! :drum: What’s been your victory this week? Took on that ambitious project? Signed a new client on a retainer? :point_down:

Until next week, keep doing the awesome things you do.


A minor victory but I optimized a countdown clock to avoid redraws while still redrawing as early as possible when it’s necessary to.

What I mean by that is take this simple function:

let time =;

setInterval(() => {
    console.log( - time);
    time =;
}, 1000)

You’d expect its output to be:


But it actually looks like this:


More complex functions should have more variance as the function takes time to execute itself. Even worse if my redraws were laggy and it took longer than 1000 ms to update my 4 elements on a complex page then my countdown clock could look jumpy where sometimes it doesn’t update for more than a second and other times it updates several seconds in a row.

To compensate for this we can short circuit the setInterval function, only bothering to draw when I know there’s an update.

import { intervalToDuration, parseISO } from "date-fns";

$w.onReady(function () {
	// Used so we can run our update checks more often
	// While avoiding redraws
	let oldDuration = intervalToDuration({
            end: parseISO($widget.props.end)

    setInterval(() => {
        let duration = intervalToDuration({
            end: parseISO($widget.props.end)
		if (duration.seconds === oldDuration.seconds) {return} //unnecessary redraw, skip it
		oldDuration = duration;

        let {
        } = duration;

		$w('#days').text = days.toString();
		$w('#hours').text = hours.toString();
		$w('#mins').text = minutes.toString();
		$w('#secs').text = seconds.toString();
    }, 100);

Bonus, there’s also a loop() pattern to ensure that each time the setInterval() function runs it doesn’t execute out of order. Unfortunately that doesn’t work for me here as the problem space is a bit different and this solution could still cause some jumpiness in the seconds.

Next is to see if it gives me decent performance with milliseconds :slight_smile:

Edit: After some more testing I think this premature optimization was unnecessary. Womp. Womp.