Community Weekly Roundup - Edition 6

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Highlights (TL;DR)

  • Wix Studio events - hear the latest from the Wix Studio training events, and learn about new availability that has opened up in New York and LA!
  • New features - Dashboard pages, checkerboard overlay for 0% opacity elements, and introducing the Translation Manager
  • A new roundup section? - Welcome “Product Spotlight”

Wix Studio News

Goodbye Tokyo and Miami. Hello, London and Toronto

This week has been another incredible week of in-person training, and I have to say, every week just gets better.

We’re saying a fond goodbye to everyone in Tokyo and Miami. I’ve been hearing and reading some of the team’s reflections from the last couple of weeks, and “inspired” is an understatement. And from what I can see in the community, you’ve all been inspired too.

This coming week, we’re saying a warm hello to London and Toronto, as we embark on an exciting 3 weeks in these cities. If you’re attending one of these locations, head on to the Studio Discord to connect with others also attending these events.

Ohhh, and we can’t forget about the ongoing events in New York and LA.

If you’ve been on the edge about attending an event, this bit’s for you! We’ve opened a few more spaces in the events in New York and LA, and still have some spots available in the remaining cities.

This is THE opportunity to learn and connect with other people just like you. And the best part, is you’ll be in person with the very people building the platform, so you’re in the best place possible.

Don’t miss this chance, it’s worth it. (I’ll even make it easier for you. Here’s the link to register -

Celebrating with Wix Partners: 10 years since our Nasdaq IPO

If you’re in the Wix circle and somehow managed to miss this, I’m not sure how :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Earlier this week, we (Wix) celebrated 10 years since our Nasdaq IPO. We said a huge thank you to every Wix Partner who has been part of the journey - from day one, all the way to the launch of Wix Studio.

To celebrate, we had Partners in Times Square and encouraged everyone to share their #ProudestWixMoment.

Wow! I’ve been blown away by all the moments you’ve shared. You’re all champions :muscle:

A Gif showing the new 0% opacity overlay

Find and edit on-stage elements with 0% opacity

Who doesn’t love a game of hide and seek?

Well, when it comes to elements with 0%, we certainly don’t want to be running around the editor trying to find where they are.

Now, with Wix Studio, elements with 0% opacity will have a semi-transparent checkerboard layout. (You know, kinda like those times you find that PERFECT “PNG” on Google with the checkerboard background, which turns out to actually be part of the image, rather than a transparent background.)

Note: This checkerboard only shows on the editor. If you want to control this setting, head to the Studio logo in the top left> View> Transparent Elements

A Gif showing how to access Dashboard Pages in Wix Studio

Dashboard Pages

If the name doesn’t give it away, dashboard pages enable you to create custom pages that show in the dashboard of your site.

These pages are created within the editor, with a ready-made template to get you started, and are only available in the site’s dashboard (once the site is published).

What’s more, you can now also use a selection of Wix Design System elements pre-designed to match the Wix look and feel.

Note: Both dashboard pages and Wix Design System elements are available after enabling “Dev Mode”

Webinars from this week

We’ve had some great webinars this past week, which can all be found below.

I had the opportunity to jump in and listen to a couple of them, and everything that is shared is absolute gold dust! If you haven’t watched any of them, you are DEFINITELY missing out. I can guarantee you it’s worth signing up for some of the upcoming webinars.

In other news

A gif showing the new Translation Manager dashboard experience

Translate all your site components in one centralized place with the Translation Manager

Say hello to the Translation Manager! :wave:

The Translation Manager is a new dashboard, breaking down your content into 2 tabs - Site Content and Business Content - giving you a more fluid translation experience.

The Site Content tab includes everything that appears in the Editor e.g. elements, components, and additional app customization options. While Business Content includes all your Wix Apps.

The new experience includes:

  • New manage languages dashboard to view overall status per language
  • Translation coverage bar
  • One-stop shop for translation table of verticals and editor in the dashboard
  • New separated setting page

With this update, the Translation Manager enables you to view and edit translations for site content in the dashboard, and not just in the site editor.

Read more about it here.

Product Spotlight

Mobile App

Wix Studio Mobile App

We’re putting a spotlight on the Wix Studio Mobile App - the solution to stay in control of all your agency workload, wherever you are.

Whether that’s checking on your inboxes, analyzing reports, editing blog posts, managing members, and orders, or more… the Studio Mobile App has you covered. Plus, you get all the same capabilities you have from the Wix Owner app.

Want to take it a step further?

  • Partners can answer new Marketplace leads, track existing ones, and connect with clients.
  • Assign teammates to projects, add collaborators, easily switch between workspaces, and view project timelines to stay ahead of deadlines.
  • Learn about any platform updates and new releases right on the app.
  • Reach out to support 24/7 with answers and updates straight to your phone.
  • It’s like the best personal assistant you’ll ever hire for your agency packed into an app. Pretty powerful stuff!

Download the Wix Studio app from the App Store or Google Play.

Tip of the week

Request a Feature

Have an exciting idea that you think will be a game changer for you and others? Head on over to the Wix Product Roadmap to “Request a Feature”.

This is, hands down, the best way to share your ideas with the product teams at Wix. You have the chance to have a real impact on the future Wix Roadmap. Who knows, you’re idea might just become a feature!


Here are some quick links to Studio resources:

  • Past Webinars - here are 37 awesome webinars that we’ve held over the past month for you to watch on demand.
  • Wix Studio Essentials Course - follow along with step-by-step lessons and hands-on challenges to create a website using the different Responsive behaviors, layout tools, and Responsive AI available in Wix Studio.

Up Next Week

We have 4 webinars coming up this next week, which you can head over to the Studio Academy website to RSVP to.

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