New Premium Plans and CMS Limits (Data Platform is Dead)

There are some good, expected and bad updates with new premium plans came with Wix Studio. I will not going to talk about good and expected updates because they are already good so we don’t need to talk about these updates but I will just share them.


  • New Media Storage Limits

  • New Backend Containers

Already Needed/Expected

  • New Backend Requests Limits p/min

  • New Backend Request Timeouts

  • New Scheduled Jobs

And there are some bad updated…


  • CMS Items Limits

  • Monthly Data Limits

  • Secret Limits

  • Dashboard Page Limits (Acceptable if Plus gets unlimited too)

I don’t know how many people remember NYC Wix DevCon. In this DevCon CEO of Wix said: “How do you build something like this” while showing Airbnb at the screen. Watch here.

And long story short he was telling us that they want to convert Wix into something even apps/brands like Airbnb can use it to create their complex and big projects.

I was planning to build something that much complex at Wix with my team and we are still planning how we will develop that. But this update is a big question for us and I’m pretty sure it’s also a big question and red flag for any startup.

Now I’m asking. Really? Will we build complex projects with item based CMS limits which is also very low (I mean like quite low). And extra layer of limiting data requests.

Even if you know a bit of developing something you know everything is created with data. Without data your app/brand or anything you create is basically nothing.

If you want to market Wix as a platform to build complex projects and something for startups. Don’t do it like that or don’t market Wix as a platform for developers and startups to build complex projects. I don’t care about SPIs or any other feature we have in Wix while data is limited.

Let me go one by one.

Item Based CMS Storage Limits

This is the funniest update. It’s funny because it’s weird and does not make any sense for any developer. This is directly blocking what we were about to build with Wix. It’s not because of our DB design it’s because of this weird limit.

I have a test site with almost 70K items in it’s collections. And every collection has at least 10 fields. And space it’s using is only 27Mb. 10K items will not pass even 5Mb. Why do you limit it that much. Item based limiting is already so stupid like just remove it with GB.

We had 10GB limit and now what 10K items. This is why it’s funny. Every plan must have at least 1GB of collection storage space. I know how to connect my site to Google Cloud DB services but I don’t want to because why I need to pay extra to Google Cloud while Wix has it’s own collections. And if I’m going to use 3rd party services and pay them extra every time why do we even use Wix?

Monthly Data Request Limits

This is another big problem we have right now. We had 3000 request/min for read operations and 1500 request/min for write operations to collections. Which was upgradeable and it was enough.

Now we have higher limits for p/min only for read and lower limits for write p/min and another extra limit for month.

You can see the new limits above.

We have very high read limits p/min and very low write limits until elite plan p/min. And another layer of limiting which is monthly limits.

Even if minute limits is enough monthly limits might not be enough. Update, insert, remove you can do 50K times these operations every month.

Let’s say you have 500 daily users in your web app. And every user creates 5 write requests (add, update, remove actions) to your collections. It means 2500 write requests/day. And 75K/month. Which means you can’t host it on Wix with new Plus plan. You will need to upgrade your plan to Elite which is 149€/m and you are still in danger because you have only 25K more in the month. And then what Enterprise? :joy::joy: no thanks.

Monthly limits must be removed.
Read limits p/min can be lower.
Write limits p/min must be higher at least for Plus plan.

Secret Limits

I don’t know why did you even limit this that much. In Elite plan it’s okay 64 would be enough for most projects even more than enough. But 10 secrets for Plus plan may not be enough and 3 also low for other plans but let’s say it’s okay.

But Plus plan must have more.

Dashboard Page Limits

In my case I don’t even use this feature and I don’t care about this at all even if you remove that feature like non of my business. But I know many people do use this feature especially for their clients.

Limiting Dashboard pages is okay but Plus plan should have more of that 10 pages might not be enough sometimes. Youn can’t explain your client to you need to pay 149/m to have more dashboard pages. (More than 2 times what will pay in Plus)

Long story short we can’t build complex and big projects with these data platform limits even Partners can’t create small projects because of some of these limits:

  • CMS Storage Limits Must Switch Back to GB with at Least 1GB limit on any plan.
  • Monthly Data Request Limits Must be Removed
  • Write Requests p/min Must Be Changed for Plus Plan
  • Read Requests p/min Can be Lower for All Plans
  • Secret Limits for Plus Plan Must Change
  • Dashboard Page Limits for Plus Plan Should Change

Wix should find a solution to these limits. Especially CMS/Data limits are very problematic. Not only for startups also for Partners who build sites in Wix for their clients.

See New Pricing Plans and Limits (Open in Private Mode of Your Browser)


Could not agree more and I think you put this perfectly. Let’s hope Wix listens.

I think you really nailed it with the DevCon tie in to “how do we create something that can build a platform like AirBnB?”, which I’ll add was such a powerful moment to set expectations for the future of the platform, when now the answer is - you can’t. Period.


I hope they will fix this…


I completely agree. We have medium size clients that relies on datasets on basically to run 99% of the functionalities and this limits are not helping to bringing them over to Wix studio.


I think the storage limit of 10GB for any plan was really good. We could feel the freedom to develop without worrying about limitations and once we got close to the limit we could always clear the databases of some old entries.

I’ve said this before in the Facebook group, I’m not liking the new pricing plans from a development perspective at all.

I understand that the limits are upgradeable but at least make it so that we can build a platform that can get of it’s feet in revenue before requiring us to upgrade to enterprise plan. Last time I checked the enterprise plans starts at around €1000/month… I mean… no startup will pay that unless they have investors. As mentioned in the org post the plus plan is not really enough, even if you don’t reach 100.000 items you will hit the rpm and write/minute limits pretty fast, at least the way we develop our clients platforms…


you are so very correct, all these limits are as if they got pulled out of a excel sheet somewhere by someone that never used their platform. Wix had a profit of +800 million last year, I find this level of greedy micro picking limiting such a strange thing to do for them. I litterly sell the “buy it, build it and forget it” i cant do this with these plans. you constantly have to make sure if you now need to “upgrade”
The collection item limits are so absurdly strange and will have any developer look negatively on wix. we all know 1 thing “storage is cheap, CDN is where the cost is”. Which is why ive always been impressed with wix prices.

Also the Backend virtual container limit worries me, cause what happens then if you break that limit ? “oh sorry you need to upgrade so now I just break everything” Unless i understand this limit wrong it takes the advantage of cloud hosting and throws it out the door. Lets say i have a plus plan and if I get a surge of traffic because i just launched a sale I send to the whole world via marketing so i have users logging in needing backend container to handle custom developed payment flow from NA/EU/Middle east
one of those regions would be throttled because the two other is already using backend containers ? It does not say per server, its written as if its in total.

Also just as a extra thing, ive build chron jobs before. the limits put on scheduled jobs before was a case of “why … this is clearly something they just decided and now its a thing” but now they are actually taking it and making it a cost limitation also. Chron jobs are not hard or expensive to have running. Clearly a case of limitation for profit.

I say it again, i can sell WIX at what ever price they need to have a healthy profit and give a good service. i cant sell wix with arbitrary limitations and bad unstable service with bad customer support.


I agree with this post and everyones comments.

I want to add on that MY big “enterprise” clients will NEVER build their membership sites on Wix for reasons such as:

Not having the ability to truly customize the purchase / membership sign up. Meaning getting rid of the standard static generic Wix messages, windows and pop ups for verifying email, verifying not a robot, verifying login code, verifying plan purchased, etc. (Not having the ability to style and design each generic email confirmation that Wix sends out)

The majority of my big brand Clients are legally bound to follow strict branding guidelines that include fonts, colors, etc.

There also other major restrictions like not being able to easily port over member credentials and member content. (You know …. the way Wix built a way to port in Wordpress blogs).

So before the CMS (aka DBMS) limits are even a problem, there are a world of other problems coming from the Wix platform that BIG clients will avoid by not switching to Wix at all.


Agree with basically all of this and all comments. My team does have a handful of SMBs and enterprises on Ed X – all of whom will hit these limits and none of whom will stay on the platform when they are forced to buy an enterprise license. They have all experienced too many wix/server-side bugs (most recently: yesterday, when image overlays just stopped working) and ALL have questions about platform stability. None are going to be willing to pay the five-figure enterprise fee when they have fundamental (justified) questions about performance.

I don’t mind paying for extra data or bandwidth ($50 - $100 extra a month? Totally cool), but the jumps between plans is a deal breaker. It seriously jeopardizes a number of our accounts, and is likely a deal breaker for building complex sites on Studio.


Item Based CMS Storage Limits is the death of one of the biggest differentials that wix had in the development market.

The limits are too low. There is no way to create projects with these values. It makes most projects with wix velo unfeasible.


@loeiks Hey!
We are listening closely for all your feedback and hear your concerns, we know that these changes may impact the way you use the platform.

We will reach out on a private channel to set up a call with you and our team to get to the bottom of your concerns and usage.

Thank you for keeping it constructive, this is the best way to help us understand your thoughts on the things that matter to you and to your business , as we are keeping the commitment to delivering the best experience possible for you.


@pamela It would be really good to talk about this I can also explain what we were about to build and why I think these limits are very problematic. Thanks for listening feedbacks it feels great!


maybe a way to improve is also to create customizable plans in which you can choose what you need most at the expense of things you don’t need so much… it doesn’t make sense, for example, you hire an Enterprise plan just to have more data limits , or media storage… it should be easier to expand limits individually, improving developer charges


They can just do it like cloud providers so we can pay for what we use.

0.0003€/read request.
0.0005€/write request.
0.00001€/kb in collections.

And they can include existing plan limits as free tier. Which means we won’t going to pay extra until we reach the limit and when we reach the limit we will pay for each request/storage etc. we use.

This is how cloud platforms works. They can also change pricing based on the plan we have.

0.0003€/read request for Plus plan.
0.0001€/read request for Elite plan.

So if you are going so much above the limit switch plan to save money and have higher free tier limits.

But whatever they do they need to change this item-based limits in CMS, they need to remove that monthly limit to data requests and adjust the write limits we have.

Example from Google Cloud Firestore pricing:

  • 50K read/day is free.
  • 20K write/day is free.
  • 20K remove/day is free.

And you pay money based on GiB inside the database. Let’s say you stay in free tier for read/write/remove requests and you have 10GiB data. You will only pay 2$/m to Google.


Following. @loeiks are the limits like this right now?


@rostan I don’t know but I think not live yet.


I totally agree with what is being said, we are told that we will be able to create complex projects with WIX and in the end the new update forces us to abandon WIX.

We’re told that WIX Studio is made for freelancers and agencies, but in the end it’ll only be useful to private individuals, because you’ll have to explain to me how I’m supposed to sell my project to my client with so many limitations? It’s impossible, no customer or company will agree to pay $178 a month for such limitations…

In fact, WIX has decided to block developers from the platform, and is destroying one of the strongest competitive advantages it possesses…

WIX needs to restore the GO data quota and take a leaf out of google platform’s book!


The new limits are super disappointing, it’s giving me a bad taste with Wix that they are doing this. Looks like they are following Webflow but adding additional unnecessary limits that I have not seen on any other platform. Terrible move by Wix smh.


Still no update about new plans, right?


Any follow up on this? This issue is concerning a lot of developers on your platform and with the forced change to these plans, it feels like we’re up against a clock to work out what to do with larger database sites.


Hey @Breakscape!

We are taking all the feedback and thoughts shared across all our community channels. Although I don’t have any more information to share at the moment, all the feedback shared has definitely made it’s way back to the relevant teams.

As soon as we have anything to communicate, we’ll be sure to do so :slight_smile: