Suddenly my products disappeared from the online site

I have a huge problem, my site has been having some bugs for about 24 hours. Let me explain better, in the editor and in the control panel everything is perfect. But once online suddenly, the cart disappears and with it all the visible products.

I am forced to reload the page numerous times to see the products and never completely!

This problem is seen by my customers, while others have no problems.

Has this happened to you too? Can you help me?

Share the link to the website or a recording of the bug so we can examine the issue and give you an accurate answer

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Now are 6 days that are like that and no one help me!

I understand you’re seeing disappearing products and cart issues on your live Wix site. While I can’t directly access your editor, here’s some advice that might help:

1. Check the Console for Errors:

  • Browser developer tools offer a window into potential issues. To access them, open your published Wix site and press F12 on your keyboard.
  • Look for a section called “Console” or “Errors.”
  • If you see an error message, especially one mentioning “TypeError,” it might be causing problems with how your site loads elements.

2. Compare Live Site and Editor:

  • While the console error might not be directly visible in the editor, compare the missing elements on the live site with their corresponding elements in the mobile view of the editor.
  • Are the elements hidden or missing altogether in the editor’s mobile view?

3. Recommendations:

  • If the elements are missing in both the live site and mobile editor, it suggests a potential issue with the page setup itself. Recheck your mobile view in the editor for any inconsistencies.
  • If the missing elements are specific to the live site and console error message, consider contacting Wix support for further assistance. They can analyze the error and guide you on fixing it.

Remember: Troubleshooting website issues without editor access can be challenging. This approach helps identify potential causes based on the available information.

Hi thanks for your time, but the issue solved by the app. Thanks