When Will the Database Issue Be Fixed (Over a Week Now)?

I have had to remove connection between databases with images because of this problem you guys are having. You’re providing no new updates at all. Give details. This is a client losing issue.

This is hella ugly: https://www.eddale.com/Residential

Please provide some substantial information.

What issue?


Ah ok, 6 days since it was confirmed. I will check to see if I can get some ETA.

Thank you. I’m taking it on the shins for this one.

Hi Jay,
Sorry for the inconvenience, We are working on it.

Any update? We received an email saying it was fixed but it wasn’t. It would be nice if Wix provided updates like GoDaddy.

We will update in this thread.

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Any updates? I can’t believe this seriously taking this long. I’m seriously considering moving websites to another platform if this isn’t fixed within 48 hours. You need to give more details about where you’re at so we have some idea.

No updates yet.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Issue has been resolved.