Wix Marketplace Dashboard CRM Integration

This round table was full of brand new features! In case you missed it, we discussed the following:

-NEW FEATURE: Marketplace Leads now flow into your dashboard CRM!
-NEW FEATURE: Automated emails to new leads!
-Marketplace contacts are added automatically
-We discussed invoices, price quotes, and payments in Client Billing.
-We had a live Q&A.

You can re-watch the round table here .

Marketplace CRM Updates:

Release and Rollout

Who has access to the new CRM integration
As of 14 DEC 2020, all Marketplace Partners using Wix in English, located in the US, and NOT part of the Workflows pilot program have the new CRM.

What about new Partners who join the Marketplace
They will have the new CRM integration.

When do the remaining Partners get the CRM integration?
Soon. Stay tuned.

Do Partners have to pay for this?
Nooooo! You just need to be in the Marketplace and part of the group given access.

Responding to leads
How do I reply to leads?
Follow the process detailed in this Knowledge Base Article .

Do I have to respond to leads in the CRM?
No, you can copy the email address for the lead and paste it into the sender field of your mail program. NOTE: when you do this, the message you send via email will also populate in the CRM Inbox

Do leads have phone numbers?
Yes, any time the client provides a phone number it appears in the Contact details for that lead.

Will calling the lead mark the lead “contacted” in the Marketplace?
No, you must either email or send a message via the Inbox for the lead to be marked contacted and the expiration countdown to stop.

When I send a message via the Inbox, what does the client see?
They receive a normal email that looks just like an email.

  • The sender name is what you set in the Inbox settings (your name or your business name).

  • The sender email is < reply@crm.wix.com > This is only visible if the recipient looks at the detailed view of the sender field.

  • You can configure a signature in the Inbox settings

Can I use the proxy email outside of the Partner Dashboard CRM
Yes. You can copy this email address, paste it into the sender field of your favorite mail program, and send emails.

Do the proxy emails expire?

Can I get the real email of the client?
Of course you can, but you will need to ask them politely yourself. Wix does not provide the email associated with the lead to Partners.

Also, please note that if you start communicating with the client via their regular email, these messages will not populate in the Partner Dashboard CRM. This means they cannot trigger automations and/or Marketplace actions.

Leads From Before the CRM Integration

Are there CRM contacts for my pre-CRM launch leads?
Yes, we created a contact for all active projects and leads when we migrated you to the new product.

Do CRM contacts from pre-CRM leads have the proxy email?
No, they maintain the real email address that was always there. NOTE: this means there is no sync between the Inbox messages and messages sent via your email program.


What happens to a contact when a lead expires?
The contact is automatically deleted from the CRM.

What happens to a contact when I mark a lead as spam?
The contact is automatically deleted.

What happens to a contact when I say I’m not interested in a lead?
The contact is automatically deleted.

What if a contact sends me multiple Marketplace leads?
They are all attached to that contact. If you delete one, the contact remains with the other leads.

Known Issues

  • At the time of release, leads were not updated to projects when you clicked “Yes, send a message.” We fixed this. They now update to projects and the expiration countdown stops.

  • Manual deletion of Contacts is not supported. If you do this, it breaks the CRM/Marketplace connection for that Contact. We’re solving this soon. It was intentionally excluded from the first version.


I customize each email response. Can I change my content here?

Will it integrate with Outlook?

I actually asked your question live - and you got an answer. You can see your question asked and answered here: Partner Round Table: Wix Marketplace CRM integration - YouTube

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You can use the email generated by the Marketplace lead in any platform. Emailing from outlook, gmail, or AOL mail will work, AND it will automatically add your correspondence within your partner dashboard. :slight_smile:


Will we ever have an app with marketplace?

And it s probably not related, but will be our marketplace Portfolio updated any time soon?

Oh - This is a good question. You mean a way to manage your marketplace leads/quotes/etc within an app?


Yes, just dreaming :slight_smile:

Updated? You mean redesigned?

Yes, the way it looks is quite outdated (to me). Especially on mobile… simply not aligned. Also it would be cool to integrate our portfolio to our websites, to keep all up in one spot

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Is there a way with any prior received leads to put them into the contact list like this?

@chernolya I like that idea - Or to make this your portfolio. Very cool idea.

WIll this impact the exiting Hubspot integration? Will that integration still work? @reinhardts

Hi Jacob! This is a great question.

If you’re referring to this app , it should not be affected by this integration.

Also, as a quick reminder, you can tag other Wix Partners and community managers (:wave: ) but not other Wix employees as per our community rules and guidelines .

automation with marketplace !
When this fonction it’s available ? (i don’t have in my dashboard)

Hi @bestofdenis

If you don’t see the features mentioned in your dashboard, don’t worry. They are being rolled out gradually. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Me too - not seeing it in my dash.

@sheyla oh, gotcha. thanks.

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