Disappointed With Recent Changes to WixData

I’m making this post to express the huge discontent with the WixData changes in the Wix Developer community.

I don’t see much talk on the forums about it but in the Devs on Wix discord this has been a frequently discussed topic.

The new change to add row limits instead of storage limits kills complex data-driven apps built with Wix.

  • Despite references being the best way to manage complex data structure, it no longer makes sense to use them as it may double/triple/10x/etc your row usage.
  • You need an Enterprise plan right out of the gate if you’re building a complex data-driven Wix app, which few can afford. (Collection cap, row cap, no indexes, no Secrets Manager, restrictive read/write limit, etc)
  • Example: You can’t programmatically migrate data from your old providers without eating your entire data limit for the month.
  • Example: I have a collection with 5 reference fields/collections, you can only have 20,000 rows in that collection on the HIGHEST plan, 2,000 on the business plan, and 600 on the non-business plans.

The new changes dramatically reduce Indexes which are critical to WixData functioning.

  • Querying large collections with numerous WixData Filters times out very frequently on non-indexed fields. We should not have to upgrade to the highest plan just to have WixData function as expected. Now every plan besides the highest has fewer Indexes than the old Free plan. Indexes are CRITICAL.
  • Example: A query to my collection with 50K items with ONE non-indexed WixData Filter will time out every single time.

The change to add limits to the Secrets Manager is a security vulnerability.

  • These are meant to keep your site secure, and now you’re capped on how many API keys you can keep secret on ANY plan. How do I keep my keys safe now?
  • Example: I’ve hit my Secrets limit, so additional API keys are exposed to any Wix employee or collaborator on my site. Now a rogue Wix employee has my banks API key.

The change to add monthly read/write limits hurts developers and opens up new ways to attack a Wix site.

  • You have a runaway function in the backend using WixData. Since you can’t kill backend functions or containers, you have to wait for the container to close. It’s very possible this one runaway function can eat your entire monthly read/writes.
  • A bad actor finds one of your endpoints that uses WixData (you can see this in the Network tab in Chrome) and spams your endpoint, eating all your read-writes for the month. There is no elegant way to prevent this abuse without extensive coding knowledge.

The old WixData setup was perfect.

Please revert these changes. I imagine these changes got proposed/approved by people who don’t actually use Wix every day. These changes kill A LOT of innovation on Wix, kill a lot of existing Wix businesses, and create a very boxed-in and rigid environment for complex Wix sites.

There are probably more that I’m missing. I encourage other Wix users to write them below to see if we can get this brought up.


Hey @Aaron_Whittington!

It’s awesome to have you here. And thanks for sharing your feedback in such a clear and constructive way. Providing examples of your pain points and some of the issues you’re facing is SUPER helpful. It makes it easier for us to take the feedback and ensure your voice is heard.

I’ll pass it along to the team :slight_smile:


I haven’t been switched over yet. But I’ll say my sites are super complex data connections also and with tons of data fields and indexes for each of thousands of tables linking to dozens of other databases. And if this post is accurate just the switch over will kill my site. And I’m on the premium plan with all my site that took 2 years to load the data! Please tell me this is not what’s gonna happen to my sites also?


Hey @shawnsroden!

When you switch over to Wix Studio, your sites won’t automatically be converted. So if they were built on the Wix Editor, or Editor X, they will remain on those editors.

In a couple of months time, Editor X will become a part of Wix Studio and sites will transition seamlessly.

In the meantime, there’s no need to worry about sites becoming broken. We’re hearing all the feedback and sharing with the teams.

In the meantime, have you had a chance to try out Wix Studio?


I agree with you Aaron :purple_heart:


I feel like this will make it incredibly harder to bring over medium/large/enterprise businesses.
I suggest we should be able to scale a customers need and data management.

As a Top100 Wix Partner who is actively bringing in larger business this would hinder my ability to develop on Wix immensely.


I agree with this. It’s become almost impossible to create and test and deploy new advanced sites and web apps for our new clients. It’s counterintuitive by limiting the amount of computing done via CMS.

It also goes against what we all learned in computer science. The general rule for best coding practices is making applications data-driven. Websites are no different. Hard-coding content into your site to avoid the new computing limits makes for a very unprofessional and unscaleable site or web application.

Hopefully, Wix can come to a fair and reasonable solution. =)


+4 on behalf of our dev team at onenetinc.com, the changes make managing complex sites and data counterintuitive, increase timeouts, make importing data impossible without eating your cap, create security risks with secrets manager limits—and ultimately makes it even more difficult to try and champion wix and enterprise plans internally.


I agree, I have been building 2 websites that will have thousands of items in the CMS, and setting a limit on them is crazy and will result in losing customers. (I will also create 2 more in the future).

Therefore, we’ll have to wait and see what the pricing plans of Wix Studio will be and whether it would still work as a CMS.

As they mentioned in another thread under “Discussion” (It’s fine for Wix to set limits on storage because external storage can be used, but limits on the CMS wouldn’t be very good).

And they should also remove the read and write requests.



I totally agree with Aaron! I’ve been attracting customers to WIX for several years now to develop their websites. The changes are just crazy. As a developer, I’ve never seen anything like this! When I saw the WIX Studio update, I said to myself, FINALLY, they’re adding CSS, and then I looked at the CMS limitations and honestly, if the current limitations remain, I’ll manage to move my customers to another editor, despite the fact that I love WIX.

A simple solution for WIX :

When selecting the subscription for WIX STUDIO, add a storage limit that can be customized according to the user, 5 GO, 10 GO… Or simply leave the limit in GO and remove this useless and counter-intuitive element limit! Customization is the name of the game, even when it comes to choosing a subscription!

Let us choose!

NO publisher even AWS or Google Cloud uses this system, why do you think? Because it makes no sense! There’s no secret limit on this platform either, so why is there on WIX? Do you think I should expose my secret keys to everyone and risk being corrupted?

How do you want me to explain to some of my customers that they should pay $178 for 100,000 poor line in a collection and some meager additional benefits? Well, I wouldn’t, I’d just have to find another publisher, even if it takes a long time…

Honestly fix this problem because you’ll kill your own system…

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I’ve had a chance to try it out, the editor is very good, especially with the addition of CSS, but to talk about an editor designed for agencies and freelancers but with the new pricing system for CMS tools is a disaster, in terms of security, management, use, optimization… I feel like I’m going back 10 years compared to your competitors… As an agency, I need power, not to be limited to 100,000 lines in my collection or for the sites I design to be open to different attacks, made much simpler by the new system…

It will now be impossible for me to sell my projects to my customers with this new pricing system, because I won’t be able to sell them what they want due to all the limitations brought by WIX, I just feel like I’m in prison…

And as you can see from the many comments below, many developers will have to leave WIX to find another, more open platform that will allow us to fulfill our customers’ wishes at reasonable prices…

I hope you’ll do what it takes to avoid killing your environment…


The message above is correct, I had the opportunity to test it. The editor is great but the pricing plan is catastrophic. I put the picture below so you can see…

We have to fight and not give up…

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Totally agree with the general discontent about the new pricing. See my reaction to another, likewise post, here : I disagree with the new CMS pricing system - #6 by giri-zano



Just a quick question, for the item limit, for a “plus” package at $38.90, is it 10,000 items per collection or for the entire database? (In the CMS)

This is a very important question for all developers!

It won’t let me edit my post to add this, but here’s another big issue I realized today.

The cap on Media Manager now considers Visitor Uploads when it previously didn’t

  • When this change happened, my usage went from 200MB to 225GB overnight
  • Visitor Uploads are critical to my sites functioning. They can’t just be deleted.
  • The highest plan only offers 50GB of storage. I have 225GB in Visitor Uploads (pic below), so I can never add things to the Media Manager again.
  • This kills any site that has more than 50GB of data from users, which is not a lot.

Please resolve! I have not been able to manage media on my PRODUCTION SITE on ANY PLAN for WEEKS


Hey Aaron! I’m seeing what I can find out about this. Have you already submitted this to Customer Care?

I have, yes. They just told me to upgrade my site plan. :face_with_head_bandage:

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This is the second topic I saw about data platform today. The first one I saw was this: New Premium Plans and CMS Limits (Data Platform is Dead) - #13 by LoeiX

These limits are killing data platform and Wix needs to do something about this or just revert the changes like you said. Great post!

These weird limits to data platform and some developer tools are not just limiting some features it’s also limiting us to build something…


@Lucas_TREILLE Entire of all collections


Thank you very much! Indeed, I hope that the WIX Studio team will react to this, it’s really sad…

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